Guidelines for Men's Fashion in 2011

Gone are the days when men's clothing was not given too much of a thought and designers concentrated on creating the best for the women. Today men's fashion has gained equal importance as that of women. Men are paying careful attention to what they wear and what suits them best. While deciding men's fashion a few guidelines should be kept in mind for getting the right attire that suits the personality of the wearer.

Men do not take into consideration one's body frame when they go out to buy their clothes that is where the faux pas takes place. The following tips if taken seriously would be of great help in the men's fashion world: Men with short waist are better off if they avoid wearing their jeans or trousers at the waist. In other words they should keep away from low waist jeans. An expert of men's fashion wear would advise such people to opt for pullovers instead of tucking their tops into their trousers. Also avoiding contrast colors would benefit short waist men.

On the other hand men with long waist wishing to keep themselves up-to-date with men's fashion have to do everything the other way round in comparison to the short waist men. Low waist jeans would really look fabulous on them, while they can really carry off contrasted T-shirts tucked into their jeans.

Men who have flat butts should make it a point to wear pants with proper fit. To divert the attention from the back, such men would benefit if they wear straight leg trousers. On the other hand men with large butts must wear flat pleated trousers as this would enhance their personality.

Earlier fashion was meant only for the skinny but times have changed and so has the men's fashion trends for large-sized men. Men with big belly should combine light fabric with dark color to camouflage the heavy part of the body as light shades would accentuate the big belly. Also wearing long sleeve T-shirt instead of short sleeve would look great and it goes without saying that low waist jeans are definitely out.

When it comes to ethnic wear too, the above criteria should be applied there too. All clothes cannot be worn by everyone. Short men would look elegant if they stick to long knee length kurtas while the taller men can also wear calf length kurtas.

Hence, if these basic tips are taken into account by men when they go shopping for their clothes, they can really get attires that would suit their personality as well as make them look stylish.

In addition to the above, it would be good if the men have basic understanding about the fabrics and accessories like neckties, cufflinks, shoes etc which would help them to make a wise purchase for their style.

Whatever the age, men's fashion tips always come in handy. The fashion world is a tricky place and styles keep changing quickly and the trick is to keep up with it. Dressing according to the current trend with clothes that suit the physique and lifestyle is what fashion is all about.