Plus Size Fashion: The Top 4 Sites for Fierce Apparel

Fashion can sometimes be more challenging to attain if your figure is fuller than what is considered "average." Fear not! You can model the same fashions that you crave on the catwalk with the right resources. Read on for the top four websites that offer fabulous fashion in the sizes you need.

1. La Grande Dame
La Grande Dame is a swank website that offers a huge selection of stylish and up-to -date apparel for the plus sized woman. This site even offers the options of shopping by body type, designers and special occasions, to name a few. This site is full of spotlight items like the ever so popular Maxi dress and the curve accentuating wrap dress.

  • Sizes: 14-24
  • price range: moderate to high

2. Silhouettes
SILHOUETTES offers a selection of stylish clothing at affordable prices. This site can be utilized as a "go to" for stylish work clothing. Though most of the apparel ranges from casual to chic, there are a few high end diamonds in the rough such as the vintage lace top and the sequined tunic. This site also carries up-to-date trends such as the cocktail ring and asymmetrical dresses.

  • Sizes: XL-7X
  • Price range: low to moderate

3. Simply Be
From Chic apparel to active swimwear, SIMPLY BE presents stylish selections for a variety of occasions. They also offer intimates and convenient shape wear to enhance the fit and appearance of your apparel. No "mom jeans" here! Their contemporary jean selection features realistic fashionable cuts; such as the skinny jean and the slim leg fit jean. This site also features the coveted trend of capes and ponchos of this fall's runway.

  • Sizes: 10-28
  • Price range: low to moderately high

4. Lane Bryant
LANE BRYANT is a heavy hitter in the plus size fashion game for a reason. The clothes are stylish, made with quality materials and most importantly; they're current. Aside from chic daywear, stylish dresses and outer wear; LANE BRYANT offers the same types of hot shoes that are heating the runway this fall. The heeled loafer and the lace peep toe bootie are both included in the shoe collection. This site also features the ultra sexy, ultra trendy layered mesh sequin top.

  • Sizes: 14-28
  • Price range: Moderately high

Use these sources to attain the "to die for" fashions that you desire. Incorporate your own je ne sais qua into your wardrobe and strut it with confidence, you can't fail. Remember: fashion fits all. Happy shopping!

A Fashion Design Degree Provides Know-How For Students To Get Into The Industry

When it comes to design degrees, fashion design is one of the popular degrees to achieve. The reason fashion design is so popular is due to the fact that it is a way to express yourself through the clothes and accessories you design for millions to wear and appreciate. If an individual is interested in adding their personal taste to the world of fashion, getting a degree in the fashion industry may be the right option.

When an individual goes to school to get a fashion degree, this normally means he or she wants to become a fashion designer who will create clothing for people that is both physically appealing and stunning to look at. However, there are other types of jobs that one can aspire to when getting a degree in fashion. A student can also be interested in fashion merchandising or fashion marketing.

The degrees that are usually offered are an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Fashion Design. As far as the marketing and merchandising, one is able to either get an Associates in Fashion Merchandising or in Fashion Marketing, as well as a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing or Merchandising. The graduate is also able to get a Certificate in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

There are many colleges and universities that offer a fashion degree. An individual can get a degree in fashion by attending an on-campus school or via a distance learning program. Either way, the individual is able to get the resources and the knowledge that one needs in order to succeed in the fashion industry. It is always up to the individual to make sure that the school is the right one for them, depending on how they would rather learn, either in house or remotely.

In terms of applying to a fashion design program, every school varies with the process but there are normally steps that need to be proceeded in order to be accepted or even considered in the institution. Depending on the school you are applying to, you will have a certain set of rules and regulations to follow.

Many schools ask that you have at least a high school diploma or a GED and some schools ask that you have a GPA standing at a certain number in order to get into the school. Some schools may also have the potential student take placement exams to see which level would be best for them in terms of placing the in the correct class. A student may need to also submit a portfolio of one's work for consideration.

Some schools will also be able to place the student in an internship or a job with a fashion related industry once the student has graduated from their school. Of course every school varies, so it is always up to the student to contact the school beforehand to see what they have to offer in terms of classes, placement and application.